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Symphony of the Hills | Non-Profit Promotional Video

by Aaron Yates

The Symphony of the Hills is a pretty unique group. They are a 70+ piece orchestra based right here in Kerrville, Texas. There aren’t many communities the size of Kerrville that can field a professional orchestra like this one! The Symphony approached me in the spring of 2016 and wanted to create a new promotional video that they could use to inform potential donors, grant committees, and fans about the organization and what makes it special.

Every non-profit has a very tight budget, and that’s typically by design. They’d rather spend their money on programming rather than administrative costs, marketing, or other overhead. And we judge non-profits on their ability to spend a certain percentage of their revenues on programming rather than administration. So all of our non-profit clients come to us with a budget in mind, yet of course, like all of our clients (non-profits and private groups), they want exceptional quality and focused messaging. We were able to work with the Symphony board to come up with a budget and scope of work that would accomplish all of their goals and stay within their budget.

The video below was created by using only one videographer (Aaron Yates) filming just one concert on one night. The interview/monologue was filmed separately at a later date, but was also done with only one videographer. The reason this bears mentioning is to demonstrate that high production values can be achieved without a huge production or a huge staff. Yes, if we were to film that concert for a commemorative BluRay or something like that, we’d need a lot more staff. But to film for “clips” we can get by with just a skeleton crew and still achieve fantastic results.

After filming the concert and the monologue, I edited the video to give a comprehensive (but not too long) look at what the symphony does and how it does it.

If your organization or group is interested in using video to promote itself or its mission, please contact me to discuss how we can help you. We have services available to fit almost any budget, and the services and products you receive can be used in a multitude of different ways to really leverage the value you receive.

Arrowhead Ranch | Real Estate Videography

One of the most exciting parts of my job is to be able to travel to new places every single day and be constantly surprised and enchanted by the diverse beauty that our state has to offer. Since we travel throughout most of the state every year for real estate work, I get to see a huge variety of terrain and environments, as well as countless ranches, each with their own unique personality.

Live water is probably the most precious resource that a ranch can have to attract high-end buyers. Not only is water itself a precious resource, but the recreational opportunities that it offers can greatly enhance the recreational and visual appeal of a property. The Arrowhead Ranch in Burnet County, Texas, is a live water ranch with lots of personality.

Mike Bacon is the kind of client that every small business owner would love to have. He’s professional, values good work, and is a pleasure to work with. He and his partners have listed this 1,626 acre ranch that has a couple of great ranch houses, working barns, working hay fields, and tremendous views around every corner.

Take a look at our video above that hits the highlights of the ranch, and if you’re in the market, reach out to our friend Mike Bacon for more information.

Texas Ranch Brokers – Mike Bacon