Update to Pricing and Services for Real Estate

We always strive to bring you the newest and best methods of creating beautiful photography based on emerging technologies. In keeping with that tradition, we have a new method of real estate photography to introduce, along with simplified pricing.

According to some recent feedback we received, our pricing was too complicated and too variable. To simplify the pricing and bring you an easy to understand system, we’ve made a few changes. We’re also slightly changing our method of producing the interior photos. This new method has great advantages over the old method.

New Method for Interiors

This new method incorporates flash photography plus a mix of ambient lighting to drastically improve the quality of the photos. We won’t bore you with the details, but just have a look at the before and after using this new method.

So what are the main differences?

  • Truer colors: The new method tends to represent colors more accurately, especially in wood adornments and cabinetry. While the wood items on the left appear somewhat orange, the wood on the right is much more accurate. Also, the stucco and rock walls appear as the human eye sees them, in their natural colors.
  • Accurate shadows: Check out the door on the “old” image. Notice how it’s somewhat strange looking with light bleeding through the windows? And now look at the door on the “new” image. Because the flash is lighting the door instead of the ambient light, the door looks better, and more like what the human eye sees. Also notice the table and the shadows on the rug. With the old method, the light from the window is overpowering, and we see some blue colors caused by the sunlight bleeding through the windows onto the table and the rug. On the right, we still see the shape of the light coming from the window, but no unnatural blue colors or shadows.
  • Window views: With the new method, we can more clearly see what’s outside the window. Also, the colors coming in from outside, such as blue daylight or green grass reflections, aren’t present on the new method.

These are some of the differences that are apparent in this example. Overall, the image on the right is much nicer and more pleasant, but also more accurate and less misleading. Which do you prefer? Here’s another example. This one makes it even easier to see the differences. Notice the colors in the fireplace and on the ceiling, and notice the door in the background.

This new method is slightly more time-consuming to create, but it’s a trade-off that we feel is worthwhile. And best of all, our prices are not drastically increasing. Most of our clients tell us we actually deliver many more photos than they can use. So we’ve gone to this new method that takes a bit more time, and will deliver slightly fewer images, but still plenty to meet your needs on the MLS and real estate websites.

New Pricing

To solve the problem of complicated pricing, we’ve simplified things by introducing just three tiers of pricing. We have three tiers: Typical, Large, and Luxury. To compute your total expenditure for a listing, simply choose a base package, add travel, and optionally, add drone photos for an additional $75. We hope this new method is easier to understand, but if you have any questions, feel free to call or email Aaron Yates at 830-214-7635 or aaron@kerrvillephoto.com .

Typical Residential
per listing
Up to 3,500 square feet on residential lot
About 1 hour on-site, 1 hour of editing
At least 30 images
MLS-sized photos
High resolution photos
Online image gallery
1 hour of photography
1 hour of editing
Email or Call for Availability
Large Residential
per listing
3,500 to 5,000 square feet on residential lot
About 90 minutes on-site, 2 hours of editing
At least 40 images
MLS-sized photos
High resolution photos
Online image gallery
1.5 hours of photography
2 hours of editing
Email or Call for Availability
Luxury Residential
starting at
Over 5,000 square feet on residential lot
Pricing for this plan is subject to verification. At least 2 hours on-site and at least 3 hours of editing.
At least 50 images
Sunrise or sunset included
MLS-sized photos
High resolution photos
Online image gallery
2 hours of photography
3 hours of editing
Email or Call for Availability

Travel Costs for Selected ZIP Codes:

Travel Costs
Ingram, Mountain Home
Center Point, Camp Verde
Per mile round-trip to other locations
$1 per mile (billed both directions)