Hosting a successful event requires you (and your staff or committee) to wear lots of hats simultaneously. You are the promoter, organizer, and staffer. You are tasked with seeing to every small detail, each of which contributes to the overall success or failure of your event. On the day of the show, you are in ten places at once, greeting guests, preparing the presentation, organizing the silent auction, or doing any of a hundred tasks — small and large — that are necessary to ensure the success of your banquet, wedding, presentation, meeting, sporting event, or convention.

What if you could offload one of the most technically challenging portions of your event? What if there was someone you could trust to take over all of the technology for your event? Projection, videography, photography, sound reinforcement, laptops, speakers, microphones, cables, staging, lighting, and music? How much better could your event be if you never again had to worry about those elements?

That’s where we come in. Our two sister companies — Texas Pro Sound & Video and have the gear, expertise, and knowledgeable staff to plan and execute all of the technical aspects of your event.

Our event services are turnkey. Say “go” and we’ll design and implement your needs for all of the following technology and more:

  • Projection – Many event venues don’t provide the type, quantity, quality, size, or brightness that your event needs to truly shine. We have access to high definition projectors that can be seen in any venue from the darkest to the brightest, largest to smallest. Our front or rear projection screens are available from very small to very huge.
  • Additional Display Types – Maybe your venue isn’t large enough for a full-size projector and screen, or maybe you need supplemental displays in adjacent rooms, or in strategic locations to make sure all of your guests can see properly. We have large televisions and other displays that fit the bill, along with the gear to “simulcast” the proceedings to each location.
  • Display Management – Now that you have your projection and screens in place, what will be displayed there? Gone are the days of the dreaded Windows desktop showing up at ten times life size… We have broadcast-quality systems to professionally manage your displays, ensuring that you are representing your brand properly at all times. Don’t embarrass yourself with your messy Windows desktop showing up all over your screens as you nervously click your mouse to get the slideshow back up. We use Tricaster and other display management to cue and display the right content at the right time, on all screens.
  • Sound Reinforcement – In addition to the visual, good audio is also a major element that contributes to the overall success of your event. If guests can’t hear clearly, whether they’re listening to a keynote speaker, a panel discussion, a musical presentation, or an audio-video show, your message gets lost. Even at venues that have a good sound system, you need someone who knows how to mix it, how to EQ it, and how to get the best sound from the system you have. And if the venue’s sound won’t cut it, we have our own portable sound systems that we will design and operate for your specific needs.
  • Microphones – You have something to say, and we’re here to make it heard, loud and clear. We can provide as many microphones as needed to support panel discussions, podium speakers, or walk-and-talk presentations. Handheld, lavalier, Ted-talk, or Britney Spears styles… You pick what you’re comfortable with, and we’ll make it happen.
  • Laptops and Computers – If the gear isn’t properly matched and tested ahead of time, it’s likely to fail. So don’t rely on a venue’s computer or your presenter’s computer to fit the bill. Reduce variables and ensure a smooth presentation by relying on our computers to display your content, whether it’s a PowerPoint slideshow, a video presentation, charts, photos, etc… Use our gear that’s tested to work within the system we’ve designed for you. We also have remote controls and other devices to keep the focus on the content, and not on the computer serving that content.
  • Lighting – One of the most overlooked aspects of local events is lighting. Your guests need to be able to SEE the presenter and the presentation on stage. If you’re capturing photo or video, you NEED light for those media. Lighting can simply supplement the venue’s own ambient system, or it can add drama and flair to your presentation. Our lighting professionals design theater-quality systems in Kerrville and can add significant production value to your event. In addition to lighting the stage, our team can also light the room with uplights, downlights, spotlights, table lights, and more.
  • Videography – Capture or stream your event for larger audiences, or for archival purposes. We have all the equipment needed to film your event from multiple angles, capture the footage for later use, and even live-stream your event on the web. Even if you don’t need the web stream, using our broadcast gear to direct the show means that you have a fully-edited, ready to go recording as soon as your event ends. No more paying high dollar video editing fees after the event… Do it live and save time and resources! And if live isn’t an option, we can provide traditional videography to record your event for future editing and distribution via DVD, BluRay, or media files.
  • Photography – The oldest and most timeless form of memorializing any event is through capturing photographic images. Photos are used for promotion of future events and for capturing and reminiscing about a great event that’s come and gone. Our photographers work along with the production team to create compelling images for a variety of purposes. By hiring a photography team as part of your production crew, the photographer always knows what’s happening, when, where, and how to capture it. Our team uses the best gear on the market as well as cutting edge editing and delivery techniques to get your images to you quickly, economically, and in the highest quality available.
  • Staging – Another way to increase production values is to get the presentation up higher than the audience. Not only will it help all of your guests get a good visual of the presenter, good staging contributes to capturing and holding an audience’s attention. Get up off the floor and compel your audience to engage with the presentation by adding a good stage. Engage with the stage!
  • Music – As former DJs, we know that appropriate music played at the right time and at the right volume can convey the right feeling for your event. Whether it’s light jazz dinner music or Top 100 tracks to energize the audience, we have the music and experience to bring the right soundtrack for your event. No more iPhones pausing when a text comes in… Our professional DJ software ensures no interruptions and no embarrassing interludes when your phone rings during the break music.

How can one company provide all of these services? We’ve been involved in event production since 2004, and have collected the equipment and developed the expertise to design and execute a great show. Our employees have worked in local venues such as the Cailloux Theater, Playhouse Black Box Theater, Point Theatre, Antler Stadium, Louise Hayes Park, Fourth on the River, Inn of the Hills, YO Hotel, Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Kerr County Youth Exhibition Center, Schreiner Mansion, Schreiner University, Crider’s Rodeo and Dance, Elks Lodge, Museum of Western Art, almost every church, and countless other local venues over the years. We know what it takes to get the job done right regardless of the environment.

When an event requires more than what we have on hand, whether it’s equipment or labor, we have a pool of rental companies and part-time labor that can come on board to help your event be successful.

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Aaron Yates

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