Effective August 1, 2019

If you’ve been our client for any length of time, you might have noticed a trend… Wait times for new appointments continue to get longer, and when a rain-out or bad weather day prevents us from shooting on your scheduled day, it’s very difficult to get it rescheduled quickly. This trend has caused serious problems for our clients, and we recognize and understand that something must be done to address those issues.

In order to continue offering the highest quality service to our clients in a timely manner, we will be making some pricing changes beginning on August 1, 2019. We have not increased our primary hourly rates since 2010, even though our costs of doing business have steadily risen during the past decade, including new fees, licensing, and insurance requirements for drone work, general business costs, credit card processing fees, software subscriptions, labor costs, and travel costs.

By modestly raising prices, we believe that we can retain our best and most valued clients — the ones that place a premium on quality work — while simultaneously decreasing the lead time for new appointments, and offering quicker opportunities to reschedule jobs that get rained out. These increases are closer to the industry averages, and will also allow us to bring on additional contractors or part-time employees when demand peaks, further improving the levels of service that we can offer you.

Hourly Pricing Structure

The new pricing structure for standard services will be as follows:

  • 1 photographer/videographer: $115 per hour
  • Photo/video editing & post-production: $65 per hour
  • Mileage (billed from Kerrville, both ways): $1.25 per mile
  • Aerial/drone add-on: $75 per day
  • Additional expenses directly related to the project will be added at cost, such as music licensing, voiceover production, etc.
  • Applicable sales taxes will be added

Travel Policies

We serve the entire hill country as well as more far-flung areas of Texas, from the panhandle to the valley, and from the Big Bend area to the piney woods of east Texas. To serve this vast area of the state, we have adopted policies to ensure safe travel. We have two sets of policies: one for Standard Time and one for Daylight Saving Time. These travel policies apply only to sunrise and sunset shoots.

Overnight policies ensure safe travel on those late nights following a sunset shoot (or early mornings for sunrises). In the past, we’ve found ourselves in situations that involve a sunrise or sunset shoot, which happens very early or very late, where we’re far from home, making travel a safety issue. To account for this, we’ve added a budget for overnight accommodations to make sure we all stay safe on the road.

Daylight Saving Time Travel Policy for Sunrise/Sunset

  • 100 mile policy — If the project is located 100 miles or more from Kerrville, Texas, and includes a sunrise or sunset shoot during DST, a $150 per diem charge will apply. This charge will apply regardless of our decision to purchase overnight accommodations. This fee will be waived for certain projects at our discretion.

Standard Time Travel Policy for Sunrise/Sunset

  • 150 mile policy — If the project is located 150 miles or more from Kerrville, Texas, and includes a sunrise or sunset shoot during standard time, a $150 per diem charge will apply. This charge will apply regardless of our decision to purchase overnight accommodations. This fee will be waived for certain projects at our discretion.

Package Pricing

Residential photography package prices are still available for residences on standard city lots in selected ZIP codes. The pricing for these packages is as follows:

  • Up to 3,500 square feet: $175
  • 3,500 to 5,000 square feet: $250
  • Over 5,000 square feet: Hourly pricing applies (see above)
  • Add aerial photos for $75

Travel charges apply to the following ZIP codes as part of the residential packages:

  • 78028 – no additional charge
  • 78010 (Center Point) – $25
  • 78013 (Comfort) – $40
  • 78024 (Hunt) – $40
  • 78025 (Ingram) – $20
  • 78624 (Fredericksburg) – $40

Weather Cancellation Policies

Good weather is an important part of any outdoor shoot, and can be a factor for indoor services, as well. Even when it’s dry outside, an overcast day will severely degrade the quality of real estate photo and video services. Weather is something that none of us can control, and it’s hard to predict. Therefore we do not have a cancellation fee for bad weather. However, if we are asked to travel to a project and get rained out later, we do bill for the time and services incurred up to the cancellation.

We do not offer discounts or refunds due to bad weather. We keep a close eye on weather forecasts and if there’s a chance of overcast skies or rain, we will let you know. Our equipment cannot work during rain or other precipitation, but we can work when it’s overcast — although we strongly recommend that we wait for sunny skies. It is ultimately your decision whether or not to cancel a job due to bad weather.

For example, if there is a chance of overcast skies and we travel 50 miles to a job site, only to be cancelled after arrival, we would invoice the client for the mileage.

Another example… If we are asked to travel to a job site and partially complete the job before being rained out, we will invoice for our travel and for the hourly services rendered.


Thank you for allowing us to serve you with photography and videography services. We hope these changes and clarifications will help serve you even better in the future!

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