A “gig log” is a recap of a particular project or event that we’ve worked, summarized so that future clients can get an idea of the services we offer, our workflows, and various challenges that might come up.

We were happy to be chosen by Peterson Health and the Peterson Health Foundation to assist with the 2019 Peterson Gala at the Hill Country Youth Event Center in Kerrville on September 14, 2019. At this event, we provided photography, videography, projection, sound reinforcement, and other miscellaneous audiovisual elements for the biannual fundraising dinner and dance. Our team has provided services to this Gala since 2013.

Events like these are challenging for our clients, who are typically not event planning professionals in their day-to-day jobs. Also, as is the case with Peterson, there is some staff turnover over the years, yet we have consistently served the event for six years now, providing some consistency and “institutional memory” for how things have been done in the past. Further, when clients bring in vendors like us and other A-list event service providers, the day is always a huge success! For this event, Peterson also relied on Viridian Design Studio, Cartewheels Catering, and Slick Johnson Events. Sadly, Slick passed away in the months leading up to this event. We always loved working with Slick and his team, and he will be greatly missed!

The Gala is primarily a fundraising dinner and celebration of the hospital’s success over the previous two years. Beginning with a VIP cocktail reception, guests then enjoy a catered dinner, drinks, followed by dancing with music from an upbeat and talented band. To facilitate the party, several audio-visual elements are required. And to document the party, photo and video is also needed. Here are some of the specific services that we provided at this year’s Gala.


All good parties or special events should be well-documented! Photography serves as a way to capture those special moments, the guests in their finest attire, and the fun that takes place. But photography also serves as a historical record when planning future parties. Planners can rely on the photos of the decor, the floor plan, the setup, and the other elements to design and plan future events.

Party-goers enjoying their time at the Gala.
The band entertaining the dancers.
Photographs of guests looking fabulous in their best attire!

We provided two event photographers at the Gala that roamed the space and captured hundreds of photos, that were subsequently delivered electronically to the client. These photos can be used for social media, future event promotion, and as a way for guests to reminisce about the great time they had at the party.

The photos are available to view here: https://gallery.kerrvillephoto.com/Events/Peterson-Gala-2019


Using a high-definition camera, we captured the sights and sounds and speeches during the presentation portion of the event. The captured footage can be used for social media, as a gift to the honorees, or simply as an archive for some unknown future use.

But in this case, the video feed was also used as an element in the multimedia presentation during the event. Which leads us to…

Projection and IMAG

The Gala required two projectors and two screens to present sponsor recognition, updates on the mission of Peterson Health, a short video presentation, and IMAG (image magnification).

We employed two giant screens measuring 12 feet by 9 feet, and put one on each side of the stage. These are professional event screens, not pop-up classroom screens. They are safe, and they look nice because they’re skirted at the bottom, matching the pipe-and-drape backdrop of the stage.

IMAG being used to simulcast the camera’s stage shot up to the screens that straddled the stage.

IMAG is a method of projecting the live image onto large screens so that guests seated far away from the stage can still feel up close and personal with the presenter or with the other action that takes place on stage. The live shot is transmitted from the camera, to the main switching booth, and finally to each projector on each side of the main stage.

In addition to the IMAG shot, we used a Tricaster to seamlessly alternate between the slideshow presentation, the IMAG, and the pre-produced video presentation. The Tricaster and related appurtenances to that machine allow the operator to cue various multimedia at the appropriate time without having to swap cables, swap computers, or show the audience an ugly Windows desktop as a mouse searches for the right file.

Tricaster screens during the on-stage presentations.
The Tricaster can live-switch between multiple content sources on the fly, such as live cameras, slideshows, videos, photos, and more, for a polished multimedia presentation.

Although not needed for this event, the Tricaster setup can also record or live-stream your event. It can accept multiple cameras, computers, and other video sources to swap them seamlessly in real time. We use a similar setup for home football games at Antler Stadium.

Sound Reinforcement

Good sound is a critical element of any live show, and if done right, it’s practically invisible, but if done wrong, it’s a dead giveaway to an amateurish or poorly planned event. Even though this event center has its own sound system, proper tuning, mixing, and execution of a complicated event sound setup like this one requires constant supervision by a qualified sound engineer. Further, incorporating elements such as dinner music, sound from the pre-produced video elements, and multiple wireless mics quickly out-kicks the coverage provided at the venue (to use a sports metaphor).

We provided one staff member to constantly oversee the sound elements. Using the latest high-tech gadgets, our sound guy/gal can walk around the venue with an iPad to ensure that there’s proper volume and settings for the entire space. We’re no longer tethered to a single location within the space, which also means that we can setup in a discreet location within the venue, freeing up floor plan real estate for your guests.


Although most events are not as complicated as this Gala, having experienced and qualified technicians to deal with your audiovisual elements is a load off of your mind. Turn it all over to the professionals here at KerrvillePhoto.com and we can reduce your stress in planning your next event!

Contact Aaron Yates at aaron@kerrvillephoto.com for more information.

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