With 2020 comes new challenges for the real estate market, not least of which is the global pandemic known as COVID-19. The virus has affected every facet of American life, including how we shoot and market real estate listings. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our clients and our clients’ sellers during this precarious and uncertain time. Here are some of the ways that we are able to accommodate real estate shoots while maintaining safety:

  • Masks & Gloves — Upon request, photographer will wear a mask and/or gloves for your real estate appointment.
  • Distance — We will maintain proper social distance during your appointment, and we recommend that agents and sellers leave the home during the shoot in an abundance of caution.
  • Preparation — To minimize the physical contact between photographers and the items within the home, we insist that the home be prepared for photography before we arrive. Lights on, fans off, de-clutter, and other make-ready checklists should be complete when we arrive.

In addition to the precautions that must be taken, this is also a good time to evaluate potential marketing techniques that can reduce the number of in-person showings, if necessary. All of our residential photo packages include photos of every room, every outdoor space, and all angles of the home. Here are some more products that we can offer to increase your marketing footprint for a listing:

  • Aerial photography — Give the buyer a sense of the neighborhood and surroundings, including views, as well as a new perspective on the home.
  • Video tour — A full-motion video tour of the interior and exterior of the home is a great way to provide a sense of space, and to give information that would be conveyed at the showing.
  • Photo slideshow — Even without full-motion video, a slideshow can convey a lot of information that traditional still photos cannot, including captions, titles, neighborhood information, maps, and more.
  • GIS maps — For larger properties, a map of the land gives buyers an idea of how the features are situated on the property.
  • 360 driving tour — Take a look around as if you were driving in a vehicle around the ranch (see below).

Use your mouse to turn the camera in 360 degrees.

We are committed to providing the best quality marketing tools for our real estate clients. Reach out to us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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