At risk of sounding cliched, everything about marketing has changed in the past year. The country is emerging from a challenging time — personally, professionally, economically. Video marketing became an indispensable staple in 2020 as in-person gatherings became nearly non-existent, and brands had to find new way to reach its customers, as well as new ways to offer value to customers that found themselves at home more often than ever before.

Social media and video sharing options increased in the recent past, with expanded options on familiar platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and new platforms like TikTok and Twitch have emerged. Key trends have been identified by video platform research, including:

  • Instagram Reels have increased engagement
  • Consistent creation and regular sharing drives results
  • Bite-sized video gets more traction
  • Live streaming matures and finds an audience
  • Simpler productions are more common
  • Video humanizes brands

How can your brand use these trends to its advantage? Thankfully, these trends do not portend huge increases in marketing budgets. In fact, marketing with lower production values in bite-size chunks will allow more businesses and brands to succeed with video marketing. And more destinations means that more customers are waiting to engage with compelling content.

Instagram Reels

Responding to the massive adoption of TikTok, Instagram created Reels — a place to share short video clips set to music. These 15-30 second clips can be created on a phone or with professional video editing software, and then are shared using this new Instagram feature that is shown prominently on the app to the 112 million users in the US in 2020.

Check out the video above for a full explanation from Modern Millie, a social media strategist on YouTube.

Consistency is Key

In 2021, brands will continue to push out shorter videos on a regular basis. With these newly popular platforms (and with traditional video destinations), content rises and falls very quickly. Therefore, new content is king. Consistently creating and posting videos will lead to better performance than less consistent sharing.

Create a strategy for continuous video creation in 2021, and set specific goals for each week or month to stay on track. Whether it’s short Instagram Reels, TikToks, Facebook, YouTube, or all of the above, figure out where your target market is watching and post regularly to those platforms.

Live Streaming

Live streaming came into its own in 2020 as viewers’ appetite for relevant content increased, and consumption of online video skyrocketed. How can you use live streaming to grow your business or your brand successfully?

You don’t need your own gear to go live. Sometimes the investment and learning curve are too intimidating to take on before you know if live streaming will work for you, or if you don’t plan on going live on a regular basis. Contact us to discuss how we can help you produce an amazing live stream for your business or event.

Keep it simple

When online video first became popular for business and marketing, polished, high-quality videos were the go-to. Brands would spend weeks, months, or longer to capture cinema-quality video, edit it perfectly, and premier the work on their websites and social media pages. This method worked great and still does, but lately, more organic content and less highly produced content is king. Keeping with the above trend of regular posting schedules and consistent creation, for most businesses, it’s better to share content on a regular basis than it is to create these highly-polished and highly-produced videos less frequently.

Consider this local brand: JK Bernhard Construction. Kevin Bernhard has used shorter videos posted on a regular basis to promote his commercial construction business. One series focused on the progress at Arcadia Live, a new event and music venue in downtown Kerrville. We (the videographers) would visit the site once every week or two and create a simple video that engaged the audience by showing them what was happening inside.

Humanize your brand

Customers are more likely to do business with people they know. Feature your owner, your employees, and your customers to humanize your brand and make you more relatable. Companies are using video in unique and creative ways to connect with their audience.

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