When your real estate photography project is complete, you will receive links to view and download the photographs. Each of the delivered photographs has been edited using a variety of techniques, and each specific link is used for a specific deliverable. These links are typically active for about 14 days from the date of the email you receive from us. So it’s better to go ahead and download them sooner rather than later so that you don’t have to ask us for a fresh set of links when you’re in a hurry to publish photos.

Here is an explanation of each of the photo deliverables and how to use them.

Photo Gallery

We publish your photos in full resolution on our gallery website for two reasons: 1.) So that you can quickly and easily review all of the photos without downloading them; and 2.) So that we have a cloud backup of your high-resolution images in case we need to return to them in the future. You do not need to do anything with this particular link. There’s no requirement to “order” photos or download them from this site. It’s just a quick and handy reference for you, and a way to check the images before you process our invoice. But if you would like to order prints or wall art, it’s easy to do so from this link.

The gallery is public unless you request otherwise, meaning the whole world can see the galleries and images on our website. Many real estate professionals visit our gallery site on a regular basis to view our photos, since they know that we shoot high-end listings in the Texas hill country. If you don’t want the public to be able to see your project, please let us know. But most of our clients welcome this additional bump in marketing.

Most of our clients do NOT share the gallery link with their sellers/clients, because most of our clients don’t want every single image being critiqued by the seller, since every single image will most likely not be used to market the listing. Sellers also have a hard time understanding why the images aren’t in a more logical order (they’re just in the order that we photographed them). So to save stress, we recommend NOT sharing the gallery link with your client without explaining its purpose.

Download Small for Web/MLS

Our images are captured in very high resolution, which means that they must be reduced in size for use on the web and on the MLS, as well as for sites like Lands of Texas and others. So this particular deliverable gives you the images in a size that is easily managed by all known current MLS and web syndication platforms.

This deliverable is provided as a ZIP file, which is a single file that contains other files within it — almost like a folder. Once you download the ZIP file, you’ll need to “unpack,” “extract,” or “unzip” the file (the exact wording will depend on your operating system and what software you have installed). Once extracted, the individual JPG images will be visible on your file system, and you can use these to upload to Navica, Lands of Texas, etc.

More information about ZIP files…

Download Large for Print/Archive

Whereas the small versions are great for the web, print advertisements and brochures rely on the full resolution photos, which are found in the “download large” links. The “download large” links also point to ZIP files (see explanation above) and depending on the listing, may be very large files, so they’re sometimes broken up into more manageable download sizes.

We recommend downloading these images even if you don’t plan on creating print ads or brochures right away, because regenerating the large photo links sometimes takes us a couple of days to do, so we don’t want to be the reason that you miss your ad deadline. These photos can also be used to archive the listing photos on your own server for long-term storage.

Additional Editing

For each listing, we are happy to include up to two (2) sky replacement edits free of charge. This is especially useful for shoots that were done on cloudy days. Just let us know which two you need, and we’ll get those to you right away.

For additional edit requests, we are happy to apply those at our standard hourly editing rates of $65 per hour plus tax. Some of these edits might include object removal, additional sky replacements, adding grass, painting walls, virtually staging, etc. We’re happy to provide a cost estimate if you will let us know what you’d like.

Help with Uploading

Unfortunately we do not have access to MLS systems like Navica, nor do we have the ability to login to your account to upload your photos. We recommend that you contact your local board of realtors for assistance with uploading to the MLS, or contact the staff at Lands of Texas for assistance with that site. Be sure to use the “small” photos for uploading to those web-based systems.

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