August was the beginning of my 11th year in real estate marketing. I shot my first listing in 2010, and launched my photo/video business full-time in August of that year. Lots has changed since those days, and the real estate market continues to change every year. Here are the latest trends and offerings for this fall.

In this post:

  • Video makes a comeback
  • Vintage floorplans are timeless
  • Property websites are now standard
  • Content delivery upgrade

Video makes a comeback

The popularity of real estate video has ebbed and flowed over the years, but in 2021, video is making a strong comeback. Thanks in part to advancing technology that makes listing videos look more cinematic and beautiful than ever, video is also gaining traction thanks to various marketing websites giving video a featured spot on the landing pages. MLS pages, listing websites like Lands of Texas, and syndication sites like Zillow all feature videos prominently on their websites. And with the ever-increasing popularity of online and mobile video content, consumers expect to see videos about almost every product they buy, whether it’s a car, a gizmo on Amazon, or a home.

Video is also more affordable than ever. Adding a basic walkthrough video to a listing package is the simplest and most cost-effective way to incorporate this medium into your marketing strategy. But in addition to walkthrough tours, other video types such as agent intros and community amenity films are also popular.

As always, we also continue to offer our unique narrated ranch videos that allow a potential buyer to explore the land from the comfort of their living room.

Now we can also add animated property lines (approximate) or “call-outs” to your actual drone footage, showing your buyers exactly what is being offered. This is in addition to the animated maps that we already feature. See the examples below.

Walkthrough Tour

Ranch Video

Vintage floorplans are timeless

For a period of time, detailed 3d models and “dollhouse” views of a home were in fashion, but many of our clients balk at the cost and time involved in producing tours like this. Some clients even think that a Matterport tour shows the buyer too much, perhaps negating the need to come and see the home in person.

But classic floorplans are still popular, and now are more affordable than ever. Starting at only $75 for most homes up to 3,500 square feet, the 2d floorplan only takes a few minutes to measure in the field, and the output can be customized with your branding or logo. The final product is ready for the MLS or as an embedded image on the property website.

Floorplan of a large home with several interesting architectural features.

These floorplans include everything you’d expect: doors, windows, built-in furniture, plumbing fixtures, and even approximate dimensions.

Property websites are now standard

Since not every client of ours has a sleek and modern website, nor does every one use a local MLS system, sometimes showing off the photos, videos, floorplans, maps, and other visual content is challenging. Where do I put all of this stuff that we make? The answer is here thanks to property websites.

Now, for each of our listings, whether residential or ranch, gets its own customizable web page. This page can feature the photos, videos, and all of the content of a listing on one page, and the realtor can login to our content management system and make changes, such as rearranging the photos or adding flyers and brochures. The pages come “branded” and “unbranded” to meet MLS regulations.

This new feature comes at no additional charge. Check out the link below for sample.

Sample Property Website

Upgrades are available, such as a custom domain name. Instead of the random name assigned to the page, you could host it under, or something similar!

Content delivery upgrade

With all of this new content and updated marketing features, we had to find a way to easily deliver everything you need in one place. We have a new content delivery system that brings you one simple link to download your photos, floorplans, videos, and other content very easily. No more fussing with multiple links for the same property, expired links, etc.

As one of our valued regular clients, you’ll have your own portal where you can view, edit, and download all of your listing photos/videos/floorplans in one place. We’re making your life a little bit easier.


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Aaron Yates

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