One of our most anticipated annual events is the City of Kerrville Parks and Recreation’s Daddy-Daughter Dance. This event has been going on for over a decade, and we’ve been lucky enough to photograph it every year since 2015. This year was our ninth consecutive year to serve the city as their event photographer.

At these dances, we setup two photography stations for posed photos, and we have a roaming photographer walk the dance floor, for a total of three photographers doing our thing. The posed portraits are a huge favorite, and we often photograph more than 200 dads (or granddads, or family friends, etc.) with their girls. We’ve watched some of these kiddos grow up over the near decade that we’ve photographed them! Here is one of the “glow ups” from 2015 to present.

View all of this year’s photos at the links below.

Portrait Gallery

Dance Floor Gallery