Many of the features and services offered during the pandemic have stuck around in the “post-COVID” era, including the implementation of hybrid events. What is a hybrid event? Hybrid events are those that are offered to an in-person audience as well as to online/virtual participants by use of live streaming, Zoom meeting formats, and other similar audiovisual broadcast methods.

What are the benefits of hybrid events as opposed to only in-person or only virtual?

  • In-person attendees get to socialize and take part in a more traditional event setting, complete with all of the trimmings like food, drink, and face-to-face encounters with friends and colleagues.
  • Virtual attendees can still take part even if they cannot attend due to location, illness, or other considerations. These attendees can still hear and see all of the presentations that are offered, and can also ask questions, appear virtually, and more.
  • The proceedings can be recorded and archived for later on-demand consumption, or even as an additional feature for in-person attendees to watch again.

When you hire us to produce your event, whether it’s in-person, virtual, or hybrid, you get the benefit of all of our powerful equipment and our 14 years of event production expertise. You can concentrate on the guests and the content, and we’ll worrry about the technology.

Here are a few screenshots from this year’s event with Hill Country CASA.

The CASA webinar consisted of two days of training and continuing education for family care providers in the hill country area. Speakers and presenters used slide decks, videos, and other visual aids to complement their speaking and interacting with in-person guests. Both the in-person and virtual attendeeds could see and hear all of the multimedia and the in-person presenters. Virtual guests were treated to a “picture in picture” arrangement with a small box showing the live presenter, and a larger box showing a slide deck. The audiovisual presentation was presented over Zoom so that virtual attendees could immediately interact without a delay, asking questions, taking surveys, and digesting important information.

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