Aerial photo and video services are our most popular offerings for real estate and architectural clients in the Texas Hill Country. The drone services we offer include:

  • Aerial Photography
  • Aerial Videography
  • Orthorectified Mapping Photos
  • 3D Mapping & Scanning
  • Topographic Maps

Aerial Photography

We have standard package prices for aerial photography, or for more advanced or complicated needs, we also offer our standard hourly rates (plus a surcharge that is always added when flying with drones).

  • Standard Aerial Photo Package – $200 plus mileage – This package is well suited for a residential listing or a small ranchette (under 100 acres). It includes several dozen photographs taken from one of our aerial platforms, including editing and digital delivery. Mileage is charged at $1 per mile, billed to and from the jobsite from Kerrville, Texas.
  • Hourly Rates – $100 per hour on-site; $50 per hour for photo editing and delivery; $1 per mile to and from Kerrville – For those listings or projects that might need some special attention, or might take longer than a single flight, we offer our hourly rates. For every hour we spend on the ground, we typically spend one hour editing and prepping the photos for delivery. Mileage is charged at $1 per mile, billed to and from the jobsite from Kerrville, Texas.

Aerial Videography

Generally, aerial video is produced as part of a videography service, such as a real estate guided tour. But this is not always the case. Aerial video is priced on an hourly basis, at $100 per hour for filming, $50 per hour for editing, $50 drone surcharge, and $1 per mile. For a quote, please email with some information about your project. All quotes and estimates are free with no obligation.

Here is an example of a real estate videography package that includes aerial video. For more details and pricing on real estate videography packages, please visit this link:

Orthorectified Mapping Photos

Mapping photos are shot looking straight down on the land, and multiple photos are stitched together using powerful software such as Pix4D, ArcGIS, or AutoCAD. The images are placed in a real world coordinate system so that mappers can take measurements, plan developments, or design infrastructure. Orthophotos are also useful for real estate professionals to help market the property.

Orthophotos and mapping projects are priced on an individual basis, generally starting around $400 for a simple project, up to several thousand for larger projects.

The example below is a 10 acre site that was partially developed when these photos were taken. The second photo below shows how the image can be overlaid in mapping programs to enhance the available satellite imagery.



3D Mapping & Scanning

For architectural, engineering, or other advanced projects, 3d mapping or scanning provides a three-dimensional picture of the property and features. Using photogrammetry, the software determines the size and shape of all features photographed and computes a digital model of the terrain or buildings. This model can then be used to generate topographic maps or point clouds for use in other software.

The image below is a 3d scan of a small building.


Topographic Mapping

Using the 3d scans mentioned above, a topographic map can be generated for assisting engineers or designers, or for simply supplementing the marketing material for a parcel. The screenshot below shows AutoCAD Civil 3D software using a topographic map generated by aerial imagery and photogrammetry.