Holiday Schedule 2014

Greetings, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Good Kwanzaa to everyone. If you're doing business with us this holiday season, first off, thank you very much! If you need to reach us during the holidays, you should be aware of our planned closures. We are always available by email, but will be unavailable for certain times during the holidays so that we can take some much needed time off to be with our families.

Thanksgiving Break

We will close at 3 PM on Tuesday, November 25, and will re-open at 9 AM on Monday, December 1.

Christmas Break

We will close at 5 PM on Friday, December 19, and will re-open at 9 AM on Monday, January 5.

Again, if you need to reach us, we are almost always available by email. Happy holidays and happy new year to all!

The Weird Thing About Wedding Dates

As we approach Thanksgiving, it's interesting to note that 39% of all wedding proposals happen between November and February. That means almost half of all engagements for next year's weddings will start taking place this month! It's important to keep in mind that a lot of folks start booking their vendors just days after becoming engaged. They're excited and ready to get the ball rolling! So we're already making bookings for our 2015 wedding season.

As of today, even before Thanksgiving, we already have SIX weddings booked for 2015!

Mark and Lacey Wedding Rings

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Live Sports Video Production @ Antler Stadium

When the news broke that Antler Stadium in Kerrville, Texas, would be home to a brand new "jumbotron" video screen, I knew we wanted to be a part of it. I contacted members of the Tivy Antler Booster Club to let them know that they had my full support and I would be on hand if they needed anything. Soon, they let me know that they wanted our team to produce the shows at the new and improved stadium for the 2014 Tivy Antler Football season. We were thrilled. This was a great opportunity to challenge ourselves and create content that would be seen by up to 4,000 fans each week. Of course we accepted the opportunity!

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Backups and Archiving

In today's digital world, so many of our important assets are stored digitally. For our business that creates digital multimedia as one of our primary services, digital storage and backup is a huge project and is extremely important to us. We have harped for years about storing your digital assets correctly to prevent disaster. Most of your personal multimedia is your family's precious memories, such as photographs, videos, documents, and more. We're going to talk today about how we store and backup our huge archives.

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Bullfighter GoPro Action

A busy weekend for us here at Not only did we shoot Kerrville's Fourth on the River, but we also had a GoPro working out at Crider's Rodeo and Dancehall in Hunt, Texas. Our pal Jason Lackey is a "cowboy protector" (otherwise known as a bullfighter) out there, and he had the idea to wear a GoPro in the arena. This was the first time we'd done this particular type of setup, so we learned some lessons, and the footage turned out pretty cool for the first time.