We Know Events: Chilifest

In 2003, an Aggie friend of mine was involved with the planning of Chilifest in College Station, Texas. This is an event that brings in anywhere up to 50,000 people to see big name artists such as, this year, Hank Williams, Jr., Randy Rogers, Roger Creager, Turnpike Troubadours, Cody Johnson, Whiskey Myers, Band of Heathens, etc. Anyhow, my friend was on the organizing body of this event, and he was out in the middle of a huge field trying lay out over 400 team spots using a rolling measuring wheel and some measuring tapes. The year before, in 2002, it took the committee four days to properly lay out the venue.

See the photo below. Each little team booth is 20' x 20' and has to be staked out before teams arrive. Also, you'll see the different vendors and special sections that have to be planned out, too. We only have 13 acres inside the fence, so every foot matters.

So, in 2003, my friend called and asked if I'd bring some surveying equipment and come and lay out Chilifest. Since he'd worked with us at the family surveying business a couple of summers, he knew we could do it much faster.

That year, instead of taking four days, we laid out the entire event in four hours.

We've surveyed the site every year since 2003 with the exception of 2013 (conflict that year). But we were back in 2014 and the site layout went flawlessly.

How it works

  • Using an official map prepared by Chilifest according to the number of teams that have registered, Aaron prepares an AutoCAD drawing with a perfectly accurate layout to include all teams, all VIP sections, all vendor spots, and all corporate spots.
  • Using the CAD map combined with Trimble GPS Real Time Kinematic surveying equipment, Aaron and staff literally walk the entire site and set control/grid points for each and every row and column for each team.
  • Using that grid, the Chilifest committee strings twine up and down each row and column, and a stake is set at every twine intersection.
  • The map and grid layout has been tweaked and perfected every year according to the number of signups and attendees.
  • The main grid system can now be established in less than two hours.
  • Notes are made and passed along to next year's organizing committee

Surveying your event

If you are in charge of a large event and need assistance with layout and planning, call Aaron Yates at 830-955-5510. Aaron has 11+ years of experience in land surveying and site layout as well as extensive event experience. Call for a free consultation.

Peak Fitness Tours

Peak Fitness, located on Bandera Highway in Kerrville, Texas. Owned and operated by Mr. Duane Shortt and Pete Moore, Peak was opened in 2013 after the old Family Sports Center building closed. The new facility offers an indoor heated pool, aerobic/fitness rooms, spin rooms and spin classes, a giant cardiovascular exercise room, huge weight lifting room, and "The Box" -- a special facility for Crossfit and other specialized training regimes.

Click "Read More" to get a "peek" inside of Peak!

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A Look Back at Kerrville Politics

I've had a lot of fun shooting photos of politicians over the years. As we get ready for early voting for these primaries, I decided to take a look back at some of the more memorable moments in local politics that I've had the privilege of capturing. These photos capture a wide range of emotions and they're a lot of fun to look back on. Win or lose, local politicians are a constant source of entertainment!

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Downtown Kerrville Virtual Tours

Kerrville has one of the most beautiful downtown areas in the state of Texas, in my humble opinion. We have the Guadalupe River, the surrounding hills, and numerous historical buildings dating back to the 19th century. Here are a few 360 degree virtual tours of our lovely downtown created in February 2014. I'll be sure to update these when the flowers bloom and the cypress trees get their leaves back!

These 360 degree virtual tours can be created for your home, business, real estate listing, or even your personal "zen" spot. Contact us for more information about virtual tours.

See all six tours below the fold.

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What's a typical week like at KerrvillePhoto.com?

My friends and family don't really believe me when I tell them that I'm a little too busy to hang out on a particular day or week (or month, for that matter). Don't get me wrong -- I love my friends and family and want to spend time with them any chance I get. But when a ten day period includes all of the jobs listed below, you can see how it is sometimes challenging to get together with them.

Here's a sampling of the work we completed from Monday, February 2 through today, February 11... a ten day period:

-Photo session for political/family pics for a local candidate
-Filmed and edited a 30-second TV ad for Ken Stoepel Ford
-Filmed and edited a 30-second TV ad for Ronnie Bock's Kerrville RV
-Photographed a house in Aqua Vista for REMAX
-Photographed a ranch in Bandera for Texas Land Men
-Photographed a house on Catalina Court for REMAX
-Photographed 20+ vehicles for Roberts Auto
-Delivered a five minute informational fundraising video for Our Lady of the Hills Catholic High School
-Filmed three procedures in the Cath Lab at Peterson Regional Medical Center for an informational video segment
-Photographed Mason @ Center Point boys' basketball for Kerrville Daily Times
-Filmed an additional video segment at Ronnie Bock's Kerrville RV
-Photographed a house in Kerrville South for REMAX
-Photographed a house in Riverhill for REMAX
-Flew aerial photographs for three properties in Kerrville
-Filmed and edited the opening of the Robert Earl Keen concert for HCYO
-Photographed a ranch in Center Point for Evans & Associates
-Twilight photo session for house in Bandera County for REMAX
-Met with Chamber of Commerce and delivered three 15-second video ads for consideration
-Photographed new employees from Cecil Atkission Motors
-Photographed a dozen boots and tops for Lisa Lecroy womens' footwear designs
-Met with Riverside Nature Center about improvements to their website
-Met with local design team to proof labels for a limited edition wine
-Recorded voiceover for a local TV commercial at Gazelle Studio
-Headshots of a local real estate broker for new business cards
-Transferred VHS tape to DVD for a local customer
-Designed and delivered two magazine ads for a print customer

Also during that period, some more personal matters...

-Taught three periods of engineering class at Schreiner University
-Signed a band for Mardi Gras on Main, a Kerrville Main Street project
-Organized printing of a promotional poster for Mardi Gras on Main

Just a typical week at KerrvillePhoto.com! If all of these businesses and individuals trust us in just a ten-day period, who should you trust with your multimedia needs?