Our prices are billed as hourly rates (or day rates) plus unit charges plus expenses. Once we know some details about your project, we’ll be happy to provide you with a written estimate. Email aaron@kerrvillephoto.com for more information about our prices and services.

Some routine services, such as real estate photography, are priced differently — with some packages available by square footage and zip code. Please check out our real estate photography page for more information.

Our most commonly billed charges are:

  • Photography-Hourly (1 photog): $100 per hour
  • Photography-Hourly (2 photogs): $150 per hour
  • Videography-Hourly (1 videog): $100 per hour
  • Videography-Hourly (1 videog plus technician/assistant): $125 per hour
  • Videography-Hourly (2 videogs): $175 per hour
  • Photo/Video Half-Day (1 staff plus technician): $500
  • Photo/Video Full-Day (1 staff plus technician): $1,000
  • Half/Full Day rates for multiple staff: Please inquire
  • Photo Editing: $50 per hour
  • Video Editing: $50 per hour
  • Standard mileage: $1.00 per mile
  • Trailer mileage: $1.25 per mile
  • Full crew + trailer mileage: $2.00 per mile
  • Aerial Photography/Videography Surcharge: $50 per day
  • Overnight accommodations/hotel: $150 per night
  • Music Licensing: commonly around $50 per song per project (outsourced to others)
  • Voiceover Recording Fees: commonly $50 per finished minute with $75 minimum (outsourced to others)

Detailed Pricing Policies

Minimum Charges

  • At photographer’s discretion, a minimum fee of $250 may be assessed instead of the computed hourly plus expenses.
  • This minimum does not apply to packaged services such as real estate photography or passport photos.

Day Rates Policy

  • A half-day is up to five hours, including travel.
  • A full-day is up to ten hours, including travel.
  • Mileage during the day-period is billed at $0.60/$0.70 per mile for no-trailer or trailer, respectively.
  • Additional travel time may be billed at standard mileage rates (see below).

Start/Stop Times for Hourly Rates

  • Charges begin when photographer/videographer arrives on site and continues through site prep, setup, shooting, and breakdown.
  • If client is late, meter is running. If photographer is late (exceedingly rare) the meter is not running.
  • If shoot runs past scheduled end time, photographer will inform client and may offer additional time for additional fees. However, if another shoot is scheduled later that day, photographer retains the right to refuse to extend the session.

100-Mile Rules

  1. When traveling 100 miles or more to shoot photo or video, and the shoot requires a sunrise or a sunset scene, we require payment for hotel accommodations for one night.
  2. When traveling 100 miles or more to shoot photo or video, we bill in increments of half-days instead of hourly.

200-Mile Rules

  1. When traveling 200 miles or more to shoot photo or video, we require payment for hotel accommodations regardless of the shoot schedule. If it’s a full-day shoot over 200 miles from Kerrville, we may require two nights’ accommodations.
  2. When traveling 200 miles or more to shoot photo or video, we bill in increments of full-days instead of hourly.

Mileage Charges

  • All mileage is billed both directions from 709 Moore Street, Kerrville, Texas, to the destination, plus any local travel, and back to 709 Moore Street.
  • An alternate (lower) mileage rate may be used when the 100-mile or 200-mile rules are in effect. That is, if billing for half-days or full-days, mileage charges may be reduced to $0.60 per mile at the discretion of the photographer/videographer.
  • With one photographer/videographer (and optional assistant/technician) traveling in a single vehicle with no trailer, our mileage is billed at $1.00 per mile.
  • Single photographer/videographer (and optional assistant/technician) traveling in truck and trailer is billed at $1.25 per mile. The option to pull a trailer or not pull a trailer is at the sole discretion of the photographer/videographer.
  • A “full crew” plus trailer includes more than two travelers plus the equipment trailer, and is billed at $2.00 per mile.

Photo and Video Processing, Editing, and Delivery Charges

  • ALL photo or video jobs require AT LEAST SOME processing/editing. Photos don’t go from the memory card to any other medium without some processing/editing.
  • Most photography jobs demand a 1:1 ratio of shoot time to edit time. Some photography jobs (such as high-end portraits) require much more.
  • Most video jobs require AT LEAST a 1:2 ratio of shoot time to edit time. Some projects require much longer.

Aerial Photography/Videography Surcharge

  • Because “drones” are some of the fastest-changing technology in the world at the moment, a daily surcharge of $50 per day is assessed any time we use the drone.
  • The surcharge is assessed whether the drone is used for five minutes or five hours or all day long.
  • The surcharge is placed into a special equipment replacement fund to help keep us up-to-date as the technology improves, thereby serving you better in the future.