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Strong images play a huge role in marketing homes today. Increased exposure to multimedia in the forms of television, magazines, and the internet has raised our visual expectations and shortened attention spans. These days over 70% of potential home buyers start their search online, and usually at one of the big syndicated sites such as Trulia,, and Zillow. In fact, the average user spends 26 minutes on, and most of that time is spent looking through listing photos. Buyers look through dozens, if not hundreds, of listing photos on every visit to a real estate site. It should come as no surprise that homes with strong, professional photos command more online viewership, translating into more showing, and leading to higher average sales prices than listings that do not incorporate professional photography.

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73% of homeowners are more likely to list with a real estate agent offering to do video. However, only 12% of the real estate industry currently has YouTube accounts. Why the disparity? It seems that real estate professionals have not realized the power of video. A widely quoted statistic states that over 90% of home buyers begin their search for listings online. But perhaps still unknown to the real estate industry, is the second most popular search engine on the planet — right after Google. And Google actually gives videos priority search results rankings. Take a look for yourself: videos are placed right at the top of search engine results. Just consider these statistics:

  • Over 180 million users watched over 33 BILLION online videos per month in 2012
  • 75% of smartphone users watch online video
  • YouTube users watch a combined 500 YEARS of video content EVERY DAY

Although photography is the #1 multimedia marketing tool for today’s real estate professional, according to, videography is the second most useful online marketing tool. Video is more realistic, appealing, and evokes more emotions in the buyer. Evoking emotion is the factor that video brings to the table. The three-point knockout recipe for online real estate marketing is: snazzy website, top-notch photos, complemented by HD video walk-through tours.

“Web appeal” is the curb appeal of the modern era. How your listing appears online may be the difference between a buyer picking up the phone versus a buyer clicking the “next” button on the list of search results. In addition to attracting sellers, a big advantage of adding video to your arsenal is the attraction of quality sellers, too. Sellers take note of the marketing efforts of local agents, and use this information when choosing their agent or broker.

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Virtual Tours

360 degree virtual tours immerse the buyer inside a room or at a location on the property, and allow the user to control the camera angle. Tours can be linked together to guide a user through a home or ranch, or can stand alone. Virtual tours are a strong tool for very special listings, offering a more immersive view of the listing.

Click the image to view a virtual tour.

Click the image to view a virtual tour.