Good, strong images play a huge role in marketing homes today. Increased exposure to multimedia in the forms of television, magazines, and the internet has raised our visual expectations and shortened attention spans. These days over 70% of potential home buyers start their search online, and usually at one of the big syndicated sites such as Trulia,, and Zillow. In fact, the average user spends 26 minutes on, and most of that time is spent looking through listing photos. Buyers look through dozens, if not hundreds, of listing photos on every visit to a real estate site. It should come as no surprise that homes with strong, professional photos command more online viewership, translating into more showing, and leading to higher average sales prices than listings that do not incorporate professional photography.

Benefits of Pro Photography to the Agent:

  • The seller is pleased with the level of professionalism in marketing and how the property is presented.
  • Great photos and great marketing lead to more and better listings.
  • When competing for a listing, the promise of professional photography and marketing materials can help win a listing.
  • Pro photos lead to more showings. More showings translate to a faster sale at a higher price.

Don’t just take my word for it… Here is a list of recent articles on the subject of real estate photography: specializes in real estate and architectural photography and have a vast resume of photo shoots to prove it. We shoot over 200 homes per year in the Kerrville area and beyond for many real estate brokerages, individual sellers, architects, and builders. Visit our Real Estate gallery to see a sample of recent shoots.

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Our pricing is offered as either, 1.) package rates based on ZIP code and location, or 2.) hourly rates for custom services. Most residential listings in Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Ingram, Mountain Home, Center Point, Comfort, and Hunt are covered under our package pricing, while ranch, commercial, and specialty photography is generally billed hourly. See our table of package prices below. If your ZIP code is not covered in the table below, it will be billed hourly.

ZIP <3,000 sq. ft. 3,000-4,000 sq. ft. 4,000-5,000 sq. ft. Includes
78028 $125.00 $150.00 $200.00 Kerrville
78025 $140.00 $165.00 $225.00 Ingram, Mountain Home
78010 $140.00 $165.00 $225.00 Center Point, Camp Verde
78013 $150.00 $195.00 $245.00 Comfort
78024 $145.00 $170.00 $240.00 Hunt
78058 $175.00 $200.00 $250.00 West Kerr, Garven Store
78624 $140.00 $175.00 $225.00 Fredericksburg
78006 $160.00 $190.00 $250.00 Boerne

Hourly Rates

Since every commercial listing or farm & ranch listing is very unique, it’s difficult to fit them into a package price. Therefore we offer our hourly rates for these types of projects. Travel charges are computed for any listing outside of the 78028 zip code.

Service Type Unit Rate
Hourly Real Estate Photography $100 per hour
Travel Charges $1.00 per mile
Photo Processing, Editing, and Delivery $50 per hour

Preparing the Home

Our pricing model is based on our ability to arrive, set up, and shoot the home in a certain amount of time without spending significant amounts of time to stage the home, move furniture, hide clutter, or clean the house in any way. The preparation of the home is the responsibility of the agent and the owner. We will make suggestions and do a little straightening ourselves, but please don’t rely on us to move large objects, clean things, or do anything that would place us in a position of liability should something be broken or lost.

Let us know if your home contains valuables such as guns, artwork, or collectibles that should be hidden from the image. We can Photoshop these images without having to move them so that their location and existence is hidden from public view.

Here is a handy checklist to pass along to the owner to help us prepare the home for photographs:


  • Mow and rake the yard (If the yard doesn’t need mowing, please skip. Sometimes a freshly mowed yard can be counter-productive for photographs)
  • Contain pets in the garage or out of sight
  • Remove all vehicles from driveway and do not park directly in front of the house
  • Remove all toys and equipment from driveway and yard such as basketball goals and trampolines
  • Move garbage cans out of sight
  • Remove all garden tools, sprinklers, and hoses
  • Sweep driveways, sidewalks, and patios
  • Straighten deck furniture and cushions, open umbrellas, clear other items
  • Remove grill cover and clean grill
  • Remove propane tanks or hide them under the grill
  • Clean the pool and pool area
  • Turn on all pool lights and water features
  • Check all outdoor light fixtures to be sure they work (not necessary for daytime photos)
  • Turn on all exterior lights (not necessary for daytime photos)
  • Turn off all exterior fans


  • Remove piles of newspapers and magazines
  • Make sure all light bulbs work
  • For added appeal, make sure all light fixtures contain the same color temperature bulbs (for example, all tungsten or all fluorescent, but not a mix of each)
  • Turn on all interior lights and lamps; if it burns, it’s turned on, then we can turn them off one by one if necessary
  • Turn off all ceiling fans and room fans
  • De-clutter rooms that may be excessively furnished or heavily used, such as the study, library, or extra bedrooms
  • Remove personal photos that you do not want shown in public photographs
  • Turn off televisions and computers
  • Hide remote controls and similar nick nacks
  • Vacuum carpets and sweep hard floors
  • Mop hard floors if necessary
  • Remove pet toys, crates, kennels, litter boxes, etc, from main rooms
  • Wash windows, mirrors, glass tables, etc
  • Remove all dishes from sink and kitchen
  • Place scrubbers, dish soap, etc, in the bottom of the sink
  • Open all shades and blinds
  • Hide trash cans and Kleenex boxes
  • Light and extinguish all candles (an fresh/unburned candle looks overly staged)


  • Place trash cans out of view or in pantry/laundry
  • Remove all personal items from the outside of the refrigerator
  • De-clutter stovetop and counter tops
  • Stow all small appliances such as toasters or blenders (if possible)
  • Hide soaps and cleaning supplies
  • Hide dish towels
  • Clear sink of dishes
  • Put away dish rack or draining rack
  • Organize open shelves or cabinets that are visible when closed
  • For extra appeal, place a bowl of fresh fruit

Dining Room

  • Straighten dining room chairs
  • Add centerpiece such as candles or small flowers
  • For extra appeal, set the table with your best dishes, napkins, silverware

Living Room/Great Room/Family Room

  • Hide all remotes
  • Hide all cables and cords as best you can
  • Turn on all lamps and lights
  • Turn off ceiling fans


  • Make the beds
  • Arrange decorative pillows
  • Straighten comforters as best you can
  • Make sure nothing is visible under the bed
  • Put away clothing, shoes, etc
  • Clear the bedside tables of all books and clocks
  • Clear surfaces of clutter
  • Remove any bedside rugs, cushions, or steps


  • Make each bathroom surface shine as much as possible
  • Hang fresh towels
  • Clear counters of toiletries
  • Remove shampoo and bath products
  • Remove floor scales, trash cans, laundry baskets
  • Remove floor rugs
  • Remove any loud/very colorful toilet covers
  • Clean mirrors and glass doors thoroughly
  • For extra appeal, light candles near bath tub or place flowers or other small items near tub


  • Remove pool hose, cleaners, filters, chlorine floats
  • Turn on pool lights and all water features
  • Remove all toys and floating devices
  • Blow/sweep all leaves and debris
  • Place cushions on chairs
  • Straighten deck chairs
  • Start the hot tub jets

Workflow and Delivery


During most seasons, real estate photos can be scheduled for any time of day. We generally shoot no earlier than 2 hours after sunrise, and 2 hours before sunset, for the start time of the appointment. In special cases, such as when shooting twilight photos, we will begin before sunrise or just before sunset.

To make an appointment, please call or email us. Email is a much faster way to reach us than phone calls, as we’re normally out shooting most of every workday, and sometimes it’s two or three days before we’re able to return calls during normal business hours. Aaron’s email is Our office phone number is 830-955-5510, and you can speak with Aaron or Maikenzy about scheduling. You can also text Aaron at 830-214-7635 (note that most voice calls at this number are not answered at this number due to us being on photo shoots most days).


To cancel a shoot, please give us no less than 24 hours notice. Normally it’s not a problem to cancel or reschedule a shoot, although during peak busy times, it may be several days or several weeks before we can reschedule you, depending on workload and weather. We do not charge cancellation fees, but if we have incurred travel or expenses related to the shoot, you will be billed for those charges. If a client regularly cancels with very little notice, we reserve the right to change our policy to being implementing cancellation charges on a case-by-case basis.

Your Appointment Day

It is not necessary for you to be present for the real estate shoot, but of course we welcome you to be there with us. For vacant homes, many agents simply provide us a key to the property and let us come and go as we please. For occupied homes, many agents prefer to accompany us on the shoots, but sometimes we are left to meet the occupants on our own. Please let us know your plans on whether or not you’ll accompany us to the shoot.

Should weather be a factor on your appointment day, please be available so that we can contact you in case of inclement weather. In case of rain or other weather delay, we will offer you several options for appointments to get your shoot rescheduled.

Processing & Delivery

After your shoot, we’ll immediately begin processing, enhancing, and delivering your photos. Each photo receives individual attention with regards to color, exposure, contrast, and item removal. For most shoots, we can deliver the images within 24-48 hours. Our standard rates include electronic delivery via an online photo gallery and/or ZIP file of images. If you need delivery on external hard drive, thumb drive, or CD/DVD, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee for media and delivery.

Once the images are finished, you will receive an email with your invoice and a link to the image gallery. You can download any resolution images from the gallery, up to full-resolution 18 megapixel photos. If you like, we can also send you a ZIP file link to download all of the full-size photos at once. Here is a brief tutorial about the download process:

Invoice & Payment

You will receive your gallery and invoice in the same email. Most clients will receive a link to pay the invoice online. It is not mandatory to pay online — the invoice will also be available as a PDF attachment to the email, so feel free to pay with cash or check, too. Our invoice terms are NET 30, meaning the invoice is due within 30 days of the invoice date. Late charges will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Licensing and Usage

By hiring to shoot your real estate listing, you agree to the following terms and conditions regarding copyrights and licensing:

Photographer retains copyright for all photographs. All photos produced for the agent are licensed to that agent ONLY for all marketing associated with the sale of the property in accordance with local MLS rules. No license is granted to any other party for commercial or marketing purposes. Any usage of the photo by a third party, including but not limited to, another agent, architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers, or buyers is prohibited unless approved in writing by the photographer. Photographer will not license the images to any other competing real estate agent without express written permission from the original client. Photographer retains the right to use the photos for photography marketing and advertising purposes and for use as “stock photos.”

In plain English, this means that you, the agent, have the right to use the photos for marketing this specific property in perpetuity. This includes MLS, websites, magazines, flyers, etc. However, you may not share these photos with any other agent, nor may the owner/seller/buyer use the photos for any purpose under this license. Nor may the builder, home stager, or architect use them for any purpose. As explained below, the owner/buyer/seller may be granted a separate license upon request. We apply these terms not because we are trying to make your life difficult, but in fact, we do it to protect you and protect ourselves from photos being misappropriated without property payment or reimbursement. On the flip side of the coin, WE, the PHOTOGRAPHERS, cannot sell these photos to other real estate agents, either, without your permission.

Licensing for Seller/Buyer Personal Use
By request, photographer can provide a license for the personal, private use of our photos by the seller or buyer. This license is not granted by default, but can be provided along with a copy of the photos by request for a nominal fee.

Late Payment Revokes License
All invoices are sent with terms of NET 30. As long as payment is received on time, the license described above is granted without condition. However, should the invoice go unpaid beyond 30 days after the date of the invoice, all license is revoked and all images must be removed from MLS, websites, magazines, flyers, and any other marketing material until the invoice is paid in full and license is restored by the photographer. If payment is not received and arrangements have not been made with the photographer following the due date, reserves the right to send Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices to the local MLS as well as any websites hosting the photographs.

Why do we do it this way?
Many of my customers have a hard time understanding why they don’t own the photos that we take. Photographers almost never, ever sell their copyrights along with their images. There are lots of reasons for this, including the fact that the photographer would like to continue to display his own images for marketing purposes, which he would not be able to do if he sold the copyrights (without a license). The photographer would like to benefit from some unknown future use of the photo. For example, if the photo is chosen for the cover of a national homes magazine, the photographer and agent should benefit from that income, not just the agent. If the photographer had sold his copyright, he would have no right to any of that “potential” money. There are other reasons, too, but please know that we’re not trying to be difficult or unreasonable by saying that no, you do not own the pictures we take, but you do have a license to use them for exactly what you want to use them for.

Also, consider this. Listings expire and new agents pick them up all the time. This is a fact of life for the real estate industry, right? Well, when that listing changes hands or is re-listed for sale years later, that’s an opportunity for us to make a living. If instead of the new agent calling us to take photos, she just calls the previous agent and gets the old pictures from them, we have lost an opportunity to make a living. But, we know that that original agent has not made any money off of the expired listing, so we’re willing to compromise. In most cases, we’ll split the sale price of the images with the original agent so that everyone has a chance to recoup their loss.

We hope you consider these fair terms. If you have any questions or would like to negotiate other terms, please contact me. Thank you for reading.