What sets KerrvillePhoto.com apart from the competition?

  • Experience – Aaron Yates has filmed or photographed thousands of properties around the state, from El Paso to San Angelo to Wichita Falls to Dallas to Houston to Corpus Christi to Laredo.
  • Expertise – Not only are we experts in video, but Aaron also has 11 years of experience as a land surveyor, a degree in finance, and skills with mapping and GIS. Aaron’s primary hobby is outdoor pursuits like backpacking, camping, hiking, and kayaking, all valuable skills for our unique brand of ranch videography.
  • Equipment – With a trailer full of every kind of video gear imaginable, we have the tools to get the job done right. It takes much more than just a decent camera to create valuable marketing videos. We use support equipment such as cranes, sliders, timelapse cameras, drones, and much more that creates compelling, beautiful footage.
  • Professional Script-Writing – Our experienced writers create a custom script based on the marketing approach for your specific property. We pride ourselves on the rich language and attention to grammatically correct prose used in our scripts.
  • Professional Voice-Over – Artists record your script in a professional sound studio and provide an interesting spoken word description of your listing.
  • Unique Music – Our music sources provide us with a rich library of sound to enhance your video. No recycled elevator music! Only beautifully composed music that’s unique to your video.

Did you know that 73% of homeowners are more likely to list with a real estate agent offering to present video marketing of their listing? However, only 12% of the real estate industry currently has YouTube accounts (source). Why the disparity? Local real estate agents have not yet seen the value of real estate videography.

A widely quoted statistic states that over 90% of home buyers begin their search for listings online. But perhaps still unknown to the real estate industry, YouTube.com is the second most popular search engine on the planet — right after Google. And Google actually gives your videos priority search results rankings. Take a look for yourself: videos are placed right at the top of search engine results. This means that listing pages with videos are more likely to be viewed than those without.

Just consider these statistics…

  • In the second quarter of 2014 alone, US consumers watched 38.2 BILLION videos online
  • 50% of video views will be happening on mobile devices in 2016
  • Including video in an email leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in click-through rate
  • 90% of user say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process
  • YouTube users watch a combined 500 YEARS of video content EVERY DAY

Although photography is the #1 multimedia marketing tool for today’s real estate professional according to Realtor.com, videography is number two. Video is more realistic, can be more appealing, and evokes stronger emotions in the buyer. Evoking emotion is the factor that video brings to the table. The three-point knockout recipe for online real estate marketing is: snazzy website, top-notch photos, complemented by HD video walk-through tours.

“Web appeal” is the curb appeal of the modern era. How your listing appears online may be the difference between a buyer picking up the phone versus a buyer clicking the “next” button on the list of search results. In addition to attracting buyers, a big advantage of adding video to your arsenal is the attraction of quality sellers, too. Sellers take note of the marketing efforts of local agents, and use this information when choosing their agent or broker.

Videography is important, but is not inexpensive. It’s also a team effort between the seller, the agent, and the videographer, and requires cooperation and input from each member of the trio. Please continue below to learn more about our pricing and see some examples of our work.



Our pricing for videography services is based on daily or hourly rates plus travel plus expenses. When paired with photography, video services are an unbelievable value to add to your listing. All prices are quoted on an individual basis, but some guidelines and estimates are described below. Pricing varies significantly because every listing is different, and every client has unique needs and desires to incorporate into the video. One major difference between our pricing and others is that we provide BOTH video and still photographs — not just “frame grabs” from the video, but high resolution, edited still photos that are ready for the cover of the ranch magazines. For more custom pricing, contact us via email at aaron@kerrvillephoto.com for a price quote.

Premier Ranch Video

Approximately $3,000 plus travel

This package has it all: professional photography (standalone, not frames pulled from the video), indoor and outdoor video, staged scenes with animals or actors, mapping animations, professional scripting, professional voiceover, fully-licensed unique music, and fantastic video quality. The final products include high resolution photography and HD video file ready for upload to your YouTube or Facebook page. We typically stay at the ranch overnight for this package so that we can capture a sunset and a sunrise.

The final deliverables include:

  • High quality photographs of interiors, exteriors, land, water, etc.
  • 5-10 minute video with voiceover and music
  • Digital copies of all deliverables for uploading to various marketing websites

Examples of Premier Package:

Standard Ranch Package

Approximately $1,500-2,000 plus travel

This package is shot in a single day beginning around 10 AM and finishing up around 6 PM. Filming is done with our cranes, steadicams, helicopters, and other supporting equipment. Please note that when this package is selected for large ranches, some compromises have to be made if we can’t realistically shoot all features in the time period allotted. Or, we can add additional hours for $200 per hour.

After filming, our copywriter creates a custom script based on the major talking points of the property, and our professional voiceover artist records the script. We use great background music from our music partners, and then edit the video complete with titles, graphics, contact info, music, and voiceover.

The final deliverables include:

  • High quality photographs of interiors, exteriors, land, water, etc.
  • 3-5 minute video with voiceover and music
  • Digital copies of all deliverables for uploading to various marketing websites

Example of Standard Package:

Hybrid Photo/Video Tour

Approximately $800-$1,500 plus travel

For properties that require one-half to one-full day of photo and video, the hybrid tour only requires one videographer to produce, resulting in a lower cost overall. The hybrid tour includes only aerial video — no ground level footage — set to music and including animated photos and voiceover. This type of film is perfect for listings that don’t require high-end ground-level video.

The final deliverables include:

  • High quality photographs of interiors, exteriors, land, water, etc.
  • 3-4 minute video with voiceover and music
  • Digital copies of all deliverables for uploading to various marketing websites

Example of Standard Package:

Premier Residential Tour

Approximately $600-$1,000 plus travel

For residential properties consisting of a home on a small tract, a premier residential tour will include guided video throughout the home and surrounding land, set to music, and can be priced with or without voiceover services.