Live streaming is here to stay!

2020 has brought renewed interest to the live streaming world. Check out our dedicated page with samples of our recent broadcasts.

In addition to live streaming, we also offer a number of event-related services, including:

  • Event Photography
  • Event Videography
  • Sound Reinforcement Systems
  • PA Systems
  • Projectors & Screens
  • IMAG (Image Magnification & Projection)
  • Simulcast video to multiple rooms
  • Technical Assistance & Consulting

To get started planning your next event's multimedia needs, please contact Aaron Yates at , or continue reading the sections below for more information.

Event Photography

Award-winning event photographer Aaron Yates has shot some of the biggest events in the Kerrville area.

Event Videography

Recording, simulcasting, and broadcasting events to audiences of all sizes.

Sound Reinforcement

Everything you need to be heard at your event, whether it's music, spoken word, video, or anything else that your audience needs to hear.