Aaron Yates worked as a land surveyor for approximately 10 years becoming proficient with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), mapping, and land surveying techniques. He also taught engineering graphics, design, and CAD at Schreiner University for four years.

We offer custom GIS mapping for real estate purposes, such as:

  • Custom paper maps
  • Wall art for hanging in the hunting lodge
  • Gifts to buyers after the sale
  • Online marketing for real estate listings
  • Data-driven maps for market/demographic analysis
  • Political maps to visualize voting patterns/districts
  • Census-based data-driven maps for demographics
  • Flood plain maps and analysis
  • Topographic maps
  • Integration with Google Earth and other consumer mapping products

What's on the map?

Here are just a few data layers that we can combine for your custom map:

  • Boundary lines -- from deeds, existing maps, appraisal district lines, state databases, and other sources.
  • Flood Plain -- from the NFIP via FEMA
  • Roads and Trails -- from statewide databases, local mapping services, and can even be measured using your phone as a tracking device
  • LiDAR elevation and topographic measurements
  • Improvements, hunting blinds, water wells, cattle pens, cross-fencing, and other ranch amenities
  • Traffic counts for major highways and certain cities
  • Address points
  • Nearby amenities and attractions
  • Geographic boundaries such as city limits, ETJ, precinct lines, county lines, state lines, and many more
  • Voting districts and voter turnout indicators
  • US Census data and demographics
  • Petroleum production data, such as wells, pipelines, leases, etc.
  • Anything else that has geographic information attached!


Orthorectified map made with drone imagery.