Professional real estate photography is an investment that yields measurable returns. The two primary benefits to real estate agents and brokers are...

  1. Help sell your listing. Professional photos are eye-catching, and in today's market, your curb appeal is digital. Get more eyes on your listings and generate more showings by incorporating professional real estate photos. Studies show that professional photography improves your final sales price and draws more interest to the listing.
  2. Promote your brand. Not only do you want to attract buyers, you also want sellers to see that your marketing efforts are superior to your competitors. Use your professional real estate photos to promote your brand to get more, bigger, and better listings.

Aaron Yates has been in the real estate marketing industry since 2010 and has photographed thousands of listings from small residential investment properties up to ranches worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and everything in between.

Combined with proper marketing and sales techniques, investing in professional photography will improve your overall real estate sales business.

Our photography services are based on either package pricing or hourly pricing, depending on the type of listing. See the options below.

Residential Pricing

A standard set of real estate photography includes ground-level interior and exterior photos of the home, plus the surrounding land, up to five acres. These packages are reserved for single-family homes on standard residential lots. Large acreage is priced hourly, as discussed below.

  • Up to 3,500 square feet: $175 plus tax
  • 3,500 to 5,000 square feet: $250 plus tax
  • 5,000 square feet and up: hourly pricing (see rates below)

Drone aerial photography can be added to a residential listing for $75 plus tax.

For properties outside of the Kerrville 78028 area code, we charge travel fees as follows, plus tax:

  • 78010 - $25
  • 78013 - $40
  • 78024 - $40
  • 78025 - $20
  • 78624 - $40
  • Other zip codes are charged at $1.25 per mile round-trip.

Large Acreage & Commercial Pricing

For farms, ranches, recreational, and commercial properties, we typically charge our standard hourly rates. These types of properties are all very different from one another, so instead of forcing you into a package, we offer a custom set of services based on your specific needs for that listing.

Our hourly rates for these types of photography is as follows:

  • Photography: $115 per hour
  • Photo Editing: $65 per hour
  • Drone Surcharge: $75 per shoot
  • Mileage: $1.25 per mile round-trip

Preparing the Home & Land

The biggest factor in the overall success of your photo shoot will depend on what is done before we even arrive. You and your seller should prepare the home for photography BEFORE we arrive on site. The biggest cause of dissatisfaction with our services stems from the seller's failure to take steps to ensure that the home is picture-perfect before we arrive.

How do you prepare the home? We have created a PDF guide that can be sent to sellers to give them an idea of what things need to be done prior to our arrival. Download that PDF using the link below.

Guide to Preparing the Home for Real Estate Photos

Due to liability concerns, as well as scheduling limitations, our photographers are VERY limited in what they can do on-site. Therefore it is the responsibility of the client to be sure the home is prepared in advance to avoid any extra charges for additional time incurred on-site.



Your Appointment Day

When you contact us for a real estate photography appointment, we will give you a few options for our next available slots based on the size of the home and the location. Once your appointment is set, we will not change it unless you request that we do so. Unfortunately, last-minute changes are usually not possible, as our schedule gets booked up pretty far in advance.

The weather is always a factor in real estate photography. If we notice that the weather might be an issue for your shoot, we will contact you as soon as we can to ask for your input and decision. Ultimately it is up to you whether or not to proceed with the appointment, as long as it is physically safe to do so. However, we cannot shoot exterior photos from the ground or the air if it's actively precipitating.

Your photographer will arrive at the scheduled appointment time and will proceed to shoot interior photos first. By shooting the interior first, we don't run the risk of tracking mud (or dog poop) through the house later. Keep in mind that the house must be prepared before we arrive or else there is a chance that you could incur additional charges for our extra time waiting for the house to be prepared. After the interior is complete, we will shoot the exterior photos.

A typical residential listing takes about an hour to shoot -- inside and outside. Large homes will require a bit more time, and small homes may only take half that time.

If you have ordered aerial photos, they will be taken last, so that our vehicle can be parked somewhere that will not show up in the photos.