Real estate video is one of our most popular services. Our clients use video as a "virtual tour" attached to an MLS listing, Instagram promotions, and full tours geared toward an alternative method of showing the property.

What does video add to a listing, and why do I need a video in addition to photos? Video is the leading form of content in 2018. Website visitors expect to find video on all types of business web pages, and real estate is no exception.

Buyers like videos because it gives them an immersive experience, much more than two-dimensional photos. Also, the video guides the buyer through the main selling points of the home, rather than just a bunch of photos without any context.

Sellers are more likely to list with agents that offer video as part of their marketing repertoire. Adding video as part of your marketing strategy sets you apart from your competition and gives you an edge to grab that big new listing.

Ranch brokers love real estate video because they can share it with a lead, and the lead can "self-qualify" before the broker spends a full day showing a remote ranch or recreational property. If they like it and want to see more, it's a more valuable showing!


Real estate videos are charged according to our standard hourly rates:

  • Shooting starts at $135 per hour
  • Editing at $75 per hour
  • Travel at $1.35 per mile (round trip)
  • Additional expenses billed at cost, such as voiceover production, music licensing, actors' fees, etc.

Because each of our clients is different, and because every one of our videos is a bit different, there's no easy way to package videography into neat pricing bundles.

We shoot large properties -- up to 40,000 acres in a single day! -- and smaller properties, such as a residential home. Therefore the number of labor-hours will be much different on every job.

We ask that you contact us to have a conversation about what style of video you'd like, and answer questions about the size and location of your listing. Once we have a general idea, we can give you a good-faith cost estimate.

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