We provide sports video for teams, leagues, and individuals for various purposes including entertainment, coaching, archiving, live-streaming, or for recruiting. Our firm has been in the sports video business since 2007 and have worked with numerous clients including Kerrville ISD, Tivy Antler Football, Little League, YMCA Football, Coach Freddy Russ, and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel.

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Why do you need sports video?

  • If your son or daughter wants to play sports in college, the coach will need a recruiting film.
  • If your club or select team is serious about competing at a higher level, your team needs coaching footage.
  • If your league wishes to attract new players and teams, your league needs exciting sports videos.
  • If your coach wants to improve a player’s technique, coaching video will help.
  • If your team wants to provide a live streamed, entertaining broadcast for fans, we can help.

Integration with Hudl

We have the ability to film your game/player and upload the footage directly to your Hudl account, saving you time and stress by allowing you to watch the game while we take care of the footage. Thanks to our high-speed internet connection, your HD footage can be fully uploaded within minutes following the game.

Multi-Camera Coverage

Our videography team is expandable from one camera operator up to five or six camera operators for a single game or event. We also have the ability to add in commentators, on-field correspondents, unmanned cameras, custom graphics, instant replay, and other exciting features to your live-stream or recorded event.

Pricing & Availability

Our pricing will vary depending on the sport, the locations, and the goals of the project. We do provide bulk discounts for players or teams requiring full season coverage. Game coverage starts at just $200. Please contact us for specific pricing information for your situation.

Availability varies from day to day and week to week, so we recommend that you contact us as early as possible to reserve our services. Typically we are booked up for 1-2 weeks solid, day and night, so it’s good practice to contact us early.


Highlight Film

Full Game Coverage

Coaching Footage