Getting Started with Videography

So you want to know a few things about video… How much will I need to spend? How long will it take? What kind of quality can you offer?

Video production can cost anywhere from $100 for a very simple edit up to $10,000 for a large project. The best way to determine price is for you to describe your project to us in as much detail as possible. We’ll calculate the labor-hours, expenses, materials, and other costs and give you a custom estimate. We can even schedule a short meeting to go over some details so that our proposal is accurate.

Also, see the following pages for specific info based on the type of video you need:

But for now, if you need to tell your boss (or better-half) approximately how much something will cost, here are some very rough numbers. Keep in mind that all of these prices do not include travel expenses, if applicable (we work EVERYWHERE).

Full Production:

Edit Only:

  • Home Movies (edit only): $200-$400
  • Testimonial (edit only): $150-$400

Want price information for a type not listed here? Contact us and we’ll be happy to get you more information.

Another way to think about pricing is imagining the scope of your project. How much shooting is required? How much editing? How much graphic work or animation? Here are some typical numbers, keeping in mind that this can vary quite a bit depending on location and complexity.

  • Storyboarding: $500
  • Half day shoot (1 cinematographer, 1 or 2 cameras): $500
  • Full day shoot (1 cinematographer, 1 or 2 cameras): $1,000
  • Full day shoot (cinematographer and full crew): $1,600
  • Half day of editing: $250
  • Full day of editing: $500
  • Scriptwriting/Copywriting: $100 per minute
  • Voiceover: $100 per minute

Because video prices can vary so much by category and expected levels of quality, it’s best just to contact us and set up a meeting or phone call. We can listen to your needs and come up with a package of services customized for your project.


We are an award-winning videography company and we work with very high-end clients, so our level of quality is unsurpassed. However, we can’t deliver Hollywood quality without a Hollywood budget, so we do scale our production to the client’s budget and specific needs. We use nothing but the very best equipment and software to produce our films, and that quality is apparent in the samples below.


We can deliver your project in a multitude of ways: DVD, BluRay, or YouTube format, among others. Costs vary depending on the quantity in your production run, but here are some general numbers.

  • Custom DVD Packages: $15 each
  • DVD-R Generic: $5 each
  • Custom BluRay Packages: $25 each (a minimum quantity is required)
  • BluRay Generic: $10 each
  • USB Stick: $15 each
  • Internet Download: FREE!


Here are a few different types of video we’ve produced recently.