Event videography is one of our specialties, and KerrvillePhoto.com has been involved with producing and recording live events since 2004. Our services include not only videography, but also sound support, projection, live streaming, and event planning. As every event is very different, our pricing for any combination of these services will depend on the time and labor needed for planning, setup, operations, and striking. Contact us for a no-obligation estimate of cost.

Event Videography

Thanks to modern technology, we can do a lot more than simply record your event, but video recording is the basic building block of many of the add-ons listed below. Filming an event takes a trained team of videographers working in concert to capture the emotion, performance, and production values of your event. Our experienced videographers have worked together for many years, and we take pride in capturing events in an unobtrusive but creative and exciting manner. Video can be captured with multiple cameras or just one, depending on your goals and budget. The video editing process can be minimal or extravagant, again depending on your needs and budget.


“IMAG” is short for “image magnification” and refers to large-scale video projection to enable audience members seated at great distances to see details of the performance that could not be seen with the unaided eye. Our team and our equipment can interface with all known video projection systems, making it easy to provide this service to your guests. Our team has operated the Antler Stadium jumbotron in this manner since its remodel in 2014, and have provided IMAG at countless other events in the hill country over the years.

#tricaster and audio setup for the gala.

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Live Streaming, Broadcast, and Simulcast

Whether your need to show your event to the room next door, an audience across town, or a global viewership via the worldwide web, our live production and live streaming tools can make it happen. We bundle these terms together because very similar equipment and skills are needed for all three: live streaming, broadcasting, and simulcasting. Here’s what each entails:

  • Live Streaming – defined as broadcasting a live video & audio stream over the internet to reach audiences near and far, to be watched on smart TV, desktop computer, or mobile device. Platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and other paid providers offer the distribution, and our job is to hook up our live switching equipment to the streaming platforms via a high speed internet connection. For best results, a high speed connection should be provided to our booth by a wired CAT-5 cable (not over WiFi).
  • Broadcasting – defined as interfacing with local (or regional, national, etc.) distribution services (such as cable providers) to transmit video over a wired or satellite distribution system. Most commonly used for local access television stations or over-the-air broadcasting. We can interface with your broadcast system to provide the video feed, but your broadcaster would need to handle the actual distribution signal.
  • Simulcast – defined as locally distributing an audiovisual signal to overflow rooms or other local audiences via wired (non-internet) connections. Most often, this is used for things like large funerals in small churches with overflow seating in a fellowship hall, or perhaps a conference setting with overflow seating in another building. We can provide all of the hardware and tech needed to distribute your signal to multiple locations on the same physical property, and this can also be done in coordination with a live stream, if desired.

All of these services are somewhat related, but each situation requires a different set of equipment and laborers. For an estimate of cost for any of these services, please contact us.

Here is an example of an event that was live streamed for a client in Kerrville: