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Live Streaming – Transmitting audiovisual signals over the internet to broadcast an event to a wider audience online. Example: Streaming a championship sporting event on YouTube, Ustream, Livestream, Facebook, Twitch, etc.

Simulcast – Transmitting audiovisual signals within a “closed circuit” system to another room or building to expand the audience¬†(or capacity) for an event. Example: Setting up projectors or TVs in another space to handle overflow audience in a church for a funeral or wedding.

IMAG – Stands for “image magnification.” Used quite often in banquet halls, theaters, and stadiums, and displays a large image of the presenter on one or more screens so that the audience has a better view of the action.

These terms can be used interchangeably to some extent. Basically the same hardware is used in either case, and the only difference is the method of broadcasting — either online or offline. Sometimes we may even decide to use a “live stream” to “simulcast” if the spaces are separated by extremely long distances.

About Live Streaming

Aaron Yates has been producing live events since 2007. Using our portable television studio equipment, we can offer multiple camera angles, graphics created on the fly, instant replays, commentaries, and can output your stream to projectors, televisions, or the world wide web in the form of a live streamed event on platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live,,, and others.

We operate the portable Tricaster Mini, which is capable of switching four live cameras, multiple other types of inputs, and incorporated pre-packaged content like video files, photos, and slideshows. Our digital audio mixers can also incorporate music, live microphones, and much more. We can even “green screen” your talent for an amazing digital presentation.

We can provide your entire event’s multimedia needs — from projectors to sound systems to lighting to broadcasting. Our team of dedicated professionals love producing live events, and we’d be thrilled to have an opportunity to show you how we can increase the production values for your event.

Another huge advantage of using the Tricaster system is that we can actually save you money by reducing the amount of time needed for post-production or editing. When your event is over, a fully-edited video file with graphics, sound, and other elements is ready to go straight to DVD or video files.


Aaron Yates and his team has been covering live events as videographers since 2007, and has produced live events since 2013. Aaron is the producer and director of all sporting events held at Antler Stadium in Kerrville, including Friday night high school football games simulcast on the “jumbotron.” Aaron has also produced live events for customers such as Schreiner University, League of Women Voters, Tivy Athletic Hall of Fame, Executive Women’s Club, and many more. References are available upon request.

Example: News Broadcast

This live streaming news show is produced in a small office building with professional lighting, sound, teleprompter, and more.

Example: Candidate Forum

A simple example of our services can be viewed in the video below. For this event, we provided local sound reinforcement (PA system), two cameras, custom graphics, and a live switcher. Although this event wasn’t actually streamed live, we were able to take the recorded video file and upload it within hours to YouTube so that it could be shared with voters across the county.

Example: Stadium Event

For this event, we operated the football stadium’s jumbotron and Tricaster systems to simulcast and live stream this event that included a full band, multiple presenters, and a selection of pre-produced content. Although this stream is “standard definition” instead of high definition, it is a good example of what can be achieved on a larger scale.

Cost of Live Streaming Services

Every event requires a different setup, a different scope of services, and varying amounts of preparation. Multi-camera live productions start at $1,000 but can easily be 5x that amount depending on the other services you might need, such as PA systems, lighting, etc. Contact us for a free quote and proposal. Email or call 830-955-5510.