vhs-2-1459957Our team at KerrvillePhoto.com can take your old home movies and transfer them to DVD, BluRay, and digital files for further editing or archive. We highly recommend not only doing a transfer to optical media such as DVD or BluRay, but also to digital file formats so that they can be archived for the long-term. Discs can be scratched, lost, or damaged, whereas a digital video file stored in the cloud will last many lifetimes without further decay.

Here are the types of media we can help you convert:

  • VHS cassettes
  • VHS-C camcorder tapes
  • Mini DV camcorder tapes
  • HDV camcorder tapes
  • 8mm camcorder tapes
  • Hi-8 camcorder tapes
  • 8mm film*
  • 16mm film*
  • Super 8mm film*
  • MiniDVD discs

Please note that for film transfers, we use a partner firm that specializes in this type of media, and this may require shipping your material via UPS or FedEx. While it’s exceedingly rare, there is a chance that the originals could be lost in transport. There are other options for converting locally, and we’ll be happy to discuss those options with you, but we do not offer in-house transfer of film to digital — it’s all outsourced from here.


Tape to DVD (VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, HDV, Hi8)

VHS to DVD transfers are priced at $12 per tape hour. The tape must be transferred in its entirety from beginning to end. We cannot start and stop your transfer service. However, once the transfer is complete, we can edit your digital video to include or exclude the portions you wish to keep or discard. Our video editing fees are billed at $50 per labor hour.


The price above includes a single DVD copy on DVD-R media in a paper sleeve. Additional DVD copies are available for $5 each, and custom printed cases are also available for an additional fee. Please inquire for pricing on custom discs.

Other Media

All other media is transferred on a cost estimate basis. Please contact us to make an appointment to bring your materials to our office, and we can compute the estimated cost for you.