Video is not just for businesses and events. Video is a powerful tool for informing an audience about the mission of your nonprofit, eliciting an emotional response about the impact of your nonprofit, and helping to open up the purse strings to encourage donorship or volunteerism. Some of our very first clients were nonprofits, and we continue to work with nonprofits on a regular basis.

Samples of nonprofit video:


Since so many of our clients are nonprofits, we cannot donate our time to all of them, even though we’d love to be in a position to do so. We still have to pay our bills, unfortunately, so we cannot provide our services for free, although we do provide a 10-15% discount depending on the total budget. Every project is different, so we will be happy to create a cost estimate for you after discussing your specific needs.

Getting Started

We regularly give presentations to nonprofits about how to plan and shoot a video. The presentation slides are available below.

Video for Non-Profits