Aaron Yates has filmed and photographed over 150 weddings since his beginnings as a second-shooter in 2009. We believe that the wedding day is more than just a series of photo and video scenes — it’s a celebration and expression of your love, a commitment to one another, an observance of social customs, a religious rite, and a joining together of family of friends in shows of support. All of these things are very meaningful and personal, and we believe photo and video should complement the day, not direct the day. We strive to document the moments in the most respectful, fun, and non-intrusive manner possible.

These are the memories you can’t repeat, the times that you’ll remember forever, and want to cherish and save for future generations of your family. That’s where we come in.

From Aaron Yates:

Because of my background in photojournalism, I am especially well-equipped for wedding and event photography. This type of photography is a special art, requiring a keen sense of awareness of the surroundings and the happenings going on around the photographer at all times. This form of photography is very challenging due to constantly changing lighting conditions, fast pace, unpredictable occurrences, long days, and subjects that don’t hold still to pose. Succeeding as a wedding photographer requires technical ability, creativity, flexibility, awareness, leadership, and empathy.

Without all of these qualities present in your photographer on your wedding day, you will not be happy with your wedding photo experience — we have all heard the horror stories! Make sure that whomever you hire for photos is someone you like, someone you trust, and someone who has proven themselves as a wedding photographer. You might have a cousin that takes photo classes at university or an aunt that takes great photos, but please beware of the risk you will be taking if you ask them to shoot your wedding. Friendships have been shattered, family relations strained, and tears shed because a couple chose to use their friend/family for the wedding photos. While we won’t tell you not to go this route, just be aware of what is at risk.

There’s plenty of room for your cousin or aunt or uncle or brother-in-law to bring his camera to the wedding and be one of our “second shooters,” but please, we encourage you to trust a professional for those oh-so-important shots that you will treasure forever.

I am always honored when someone asks me to be their wedding photographer. The amount of trust and responsibility one takes on when shooting weddings is enormous, and we’re always up to the challenge. Thank you for considering our firm for your family’s needs.


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More Samples!

Click here to view our full galleries from recent weddings we’ve photographed. We think it’s extremely important to view a photographer’s entire gallery from the wedding day and not just their their featured shots. After all, you’ll want hundreds or thousands of images taken on your wedding day, so you need to know how the photo gallery looks in its entirety.

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