Map of Schreiner University made in 2020 using drone imagery.

Our aerial services are FAA-licensed for commercial flight, and we carry $1 million in liability insurance specifically for our drone services. Safety is our number 1 priority for aerial work, and our experienced operators can safely provideĀ  amazing photos and videos.

Aerial Photography & Videography

We have been shooting aerial photos since before drones existed (as we know them today). Prior to drones, we did a monthly flight in a fixed-wing Cessna airplane to travel around the hill country and capture shots for ranchers, realtors, businesses, and private landowners.

Today drones have taken over most of the aerial photography market. Instead of booking an expensive airplane and pilot, we can now travel to your location and launch our drone to capture higher quality images from altitudes of up to 400 feet.

For higher altitude shots and other specific needs, we can still book a fixed-wing airplane or a traditional manned helicopter.

Drone Mapping

Aaron's background in land surveying makes him uniquely qualified to provide mapping and modeling services based on drone photogrammetry. With today's technology, we can provide highly accurate, extremely precise 3d models of land or structures using a combination of drone photos, surveying hardware, and specialized software.

We have mapped large areas for clients such as Schreiner University, National Gypsum mining company, and several engineering and land surveying firms in the hill country area.

Drone mapping is able to scan a large area and produce incredibly detailed topography maps and orthorectified imagery for use in subdivision layout, drainage plans, and development plans.

Here's an example of a stitched orthorectified mapping image of a property in Gillespie County.


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