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We’ve been providing drone aerial photo and video products since 2016. We are FAA certificated, insured, and experienced. Find a new perspective for your photo and video needs with aerial capture.

Quality Results

Not all drones are created equal, and not all pilots are created equal. For the highest quality results, you need an experienced pilot operating a professional-level device — not your nephew’s drone, or one you got for Christmas. We use an entire fleet of different styles of drones for the specific purpose you have in mind. These drones record in up to 8K resolution video and 20+ megapixel photos on amazing sensors that outperform the cheaper drones on the market.


Aaron Yates actually taught drone use and certification at Schreiner University, and continues to be a leader in the local drone community, fighting for the right to fly safely in public spaces. Aaron has thousands of hours of flight time and has worked across the United States as a drone operator.

What do we offer?

Traditional Aerial Photography & Videography

Most clients need basic drone capture services that are used for marketing purposes, such as aerial photos and aerial video. These “oblique marketing images” are usually taken at a low altitude and feature a real estate listing, a property, a building, an event, or some other activity or object from the aerial perspective. This is what most people refer to when they say they need “drone work.”

Mapping Imagery / GIS Maps / 3D Modeling

Drones can also be used to capture images and data in a way that is useful to architects, designers, landscapers, engineers, surveyors, GIS mappers, and other professionals that need raw data to integrate with their plans or their products.

For example, an architect might order a high resolution drone map to be able to properly locate trees and other land features that will be incorporated into a home site plan layout. A landscape architect might need a drone map to accurately plan for gardens, trees, and landscaping elements. An engineer might need topographic data to place roads or drainage utilities. A surveyor might use drone capture data to compute quantities of raw materials at a mining site.

Drones can use various technologies to create these data sets and mapping products. Technologies such as photogrammetry, image stitching, LiDAR, and 3d point cloud modeling are all available to the end user depending on the application.

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A mountain scene on a ranch in Montana.
Beautiful hill country ranch listing.

Drone Mapping Sample